Sunday, March 7, 2010

Simple, God fearing, Aristocratic Family & MNC

- He/she is simple, God fearing
- We hail from an aristocratic family from XXXX place
- Working in one of the top MNCs
- He/She excels in everything he/she does

Yes these are from matrimonial ads (Circumstantial pressures force me to see many of them as of recent).

"Simple, God fearing, Aristocratic Family & MNC". Are all of these words compatible with each other?

If a person is simple and God fearing (unless that means God Himself fears the person in question) why the claim of aristocratic (a meaningless term with roots in society's feudal past) and MNC (quite a nonsense in today's world of outsourcing, considering the maintainence type work and and the not so great salaries in most of the so called MNCs)?

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