Thursday, October 20, 2011

The fall of the mighty: On Gadaffi's death

A man who ruled over an entire country for 42 years like God, was dragged out of a drainage pipe and killed in cold blood.

However good or bad a ruler he was, its sad to see someone who lived like a king for 42 years being brought down to a state wherein he begs for his life on the streets to a bunch of hooligans. Some of his sons were also killed in cold blood.

The uncivilized nature of mob justice was in full display.

Saddam Hussein is a similar name that would come immediately to one's mind. But he at least had the chance of a trial.

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  1. Juby,

    Thats the human nature. How much ever food or shelter you provide to people, their loyalty lies where they are given some dignity. Gadaffi had done enough for the people but treated all his subjects like insects, dogs, etc...