Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Puranic Timescale of the Universe

The timescale of the Universe as given by Puranas. Though scientifically incorrect, the imagination of our ancient Indians is worth appreciating.

1 charana = 432, 000 human years

Satya Yuga = 4 charanas
Treta Yuga = 3 charanas
Dwapara Yuga = 2 charanas
Kali Yuga = 1 charana

Maha Yuga = one cycle of all four yugas = 4.32 million solar years

One day of Brahma = 1 kalpa = 1000 Maha Yugas

Brahma creates the Universe during his day (1 kalpa) and destroys it during his night (1 kalpa again).

The creation-destruction cycle continues the next day.

The maximum age of a Brahma is 100 brahma years. After which a new Brahma emerges and continues the cycle.

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